Sunday, May 3, 2009

All the Queen's Women

Bangkok Post

Thanpuying Viriya Chavakul, the lady-in-waiting to Her Majesty the Queen, has denied being the mastermind behind the attempted assassination of People's Alliance for Democracy leader Sondhi Limthongkul.

Speaking to INN news yesterday, Thanpuying Viriya insisted she had no knowledge of the plot to kill Mr Sondhi. Following the assassination attempt, Mr Sondhi said a certain lady close to the palace was one party among many who had "chipped in" to have him killed. "I'm not worried. Whoever wants to implicate me, let them. The truth is the truth. I'm just a woman without a husband who is incapable of doing anything like that to Mr Sondhi," she said. "The thought [of having Mr Sondhi killed] never crossed my mind."


Thanpuying Viriya said she was being discredited because she had "endorsed" former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra's loyalty to the monarchy.

"But this is what I believe to be true [Thaksin being loyal to the monarchy]. Everyone is entitled to their opinion," she said. Thanpuying Viriya also denied Mr Sondhi's suggestion that she skimmed money from the sale of blue shirts, a fund-raising project to honour Her Majesty's birthday.

I guess anybody who has the audacity to vouch for Thaksin must be a murderer in Sondhi's Lim's book.


Anonymous said...

Fonzi, this is merely FYI only - perhaps better if you don't post this my comment. you know, I'm not Sondhi L - I don't wanna any troubles :)
(I gave this link to BP too but somehow he hasn't posted anything yet - may be too busy having fun on weekend or may be he is is reluctant to write about Veeriya )

this INN interview came out due to many rumors and discussions about this woman huge influence, especially in army (it is being said that she controls over half of it). perhaps she has initiated this interview herself to dissipate these rumors.

here is the full original interview :

but better if you have it translated (or some parts of it which you may find interesteing).

Unknown said...


I thought it was interesting why she felt the need to point out her lack of a husband. Why would she do that?


Anonymous said...

The rumors buzzing Bangkok is that the Thanpuying was indeed very very influential . . . being very close to HMQ. And that Sondhi L (through ASTV) had in several occassions alleged/insinuated/charged that the Thanpuying has been dipping her hands on certain many donations/charities the Thanpuying herself had backed-up and sponsored intended for HMQ's cause. Bookkeeping was not forthcoming and funds were not satisfactorily accounted for . .

BTW Thanpuying Viriya was the same lady-in-waiting for the Queen shot at vhile on a helicopter jaunt to the South.

Anonymous said...

Nirmal Ghosh (and Nick Nostitz) speaks to Sondhi Limthongkul

Reds and Yellows desire change

"I asked him to clarify a remark made to the daily The Nation in an interview published on Saturday, and he said "The red shirts and the yellow shirts share the same thing. They need change. The only difference between red and yellow is that when there's a change we believe that change will have to incorporate the monarchy institution. This is where we are different from the red shirts."

Photographer Nick Nostitz asked if it was possible that some day there may be collaboration between the red shirts and yellow shirts, to which he replied: "That is a good question."

"The yellows and the reds are seeking something very similar which is change. The only difference is once that change is over, once we have achieved that change, how to go about our new politics, that's the difference between the yellow and the red. Because the reds are basically doing everything for Mr Thaksin, whereas we are doing everything for the whole country."

Eunice Lau of Al Jazeera asked whether he would consider a political career, to which he replied "No way." "

I think Sondhi is spinning as usually. he makes claims which he doesn't bother to prove.

especially the part "we are doing everything for the whole country" - if for whole country, then there wouldn't be Reds at all, because they would have joined Sondhi, right ?
while in reality - Reds represent MAJORITY of Thai people, and Yellow / PAD are in great minority.

maverick263 said...

just recently u had some comment on thaksin/sarit, right?

now, out of the blue (or is it the dark), a woman appears.

wow. amazing. i admit i respect her personal sincerity. otoh... can of worms is opened & worms are all over thai society.

makes for good soil ;)

maverick263 said...

i see u've added new mandala's piece on "magic".

so i'd like to add an url to

there's a pic. caption says:

"Blowing the candles on her birthday cake here is Thanpuying Vichitra, the ever-charming window of the late strong man Field Marshal Sarit Thanarat. Seen with her is Lt-Col Somchai Thanarat. Thanpuying Vichitra celebrated her 54th birthday among relatives and close friends at a party held at the Royal Cliff Beach Hotel’s Grill Room on Sunday night."


the royal cliff beach hotel, pattaya, may 1978...

those were the times...

ain't it... "haunting"?

hobby said...

Maverick - she's not a bad looker for 54 yo though!

Apologies to all for my sexism!