Sunday, May 3, 2009

Thai Voodoo

New Mandala:

I wish to pass on the link provided by New Mandala about an article on Thai voodoo written by Pasuk and Baker.

It is a fascinating read. Over the years, I have learned bits and pieces about particular aspects of astrology, amulets, and black magic(honestly, don't care much about it), but this article really puts it all together in a way that ties it into politics and power.

Here is the pdf.

In the modern age, you might think this stuff is kooky, but not really all the much different than the US politicians running around "God blessing everything," or medieval European monarchies and their rituals, or what the Romans and the ancient Aztec and Mayan kingdoms did.

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Anonymous said...

Fonzi you disbelieve!

But I have bought myself a dozen amulets, some very ancient and some more recent, at great expense I might add, to (a) protect me from bullets, (b) keep me attractive to the opposite sex, and most importantly (c) assure me of exponential growth in wealth.

So far I have not been shot at. I also hazard a guess that the dozen amulets or so I wear everyday would deflect a hail bullets from any semi-automatic so it should work, eh . . .

And the amulets provide good conversational piece that seem to entice interest from the opposite (and non-opposite) sex. All my amulets are of course properly encased in solid gold and that explains the interest from the opposite . . . all other sexes. (Reminds me to pack a gun just in case those interests turn into serious temptations . . .)

On the exponential wealth growth however, those amulets are not yet working their magic. A monk suggested I visit his brother, also a monk, at a Buriram temple who may have just the wealth enhancing powers I seek.

BTW all those amulets give me funny skin rashes and my neck creaks because of their weight. Small price to pay, I tell myself, to be invincible, to be sexy and to be very rich.

I can sense your sex life Fonzi getting cold. Fonzi I have just the amulet or two guaranteed to make your love life absolutely sizzle and you won't have to buy any more sex organ enhancement pills for the rest of your life.