Sunday, May 10, 2009

Banyat: Reinstating 1997 Constitution = Supporting Thaksin

The Nation:

The Committee for Reconciliation and Political Reform has not accepted a proposal from Pracharaj Party leader Snoh Thienthong to replace the current Constitution with that of 1997 and to offer amnesty to banned politicians, a panel member said yesterday.


Meanwhile, Democrat Party advisor Banyat Bantadtan opposed Snoh's proposal to replace the 2007 Constitution with the 1997 Constitution, saying that if the committee took up Snoh's proposal, society would be in a turmoil because it knew for whom Snoh made the proposal.

"The committee may not be convinced by Snoh, because many of them understand the problems of the country and will not listen to him. This committee plays a significant role. Whether or not the country reels under political crises depends on the committee,'' said Banyat, a former Democrat leader.

These Democrats are unbelievable. Reconciliation means if you don't agree with us, then you are a puppet of Thaksin.


Anonymous said...

Dems are ball-less hypocrites. even some old women have more balls than them

"Q: What do you think of the word “democracy“?

It’s good. I think if everyone knows the word in detail and behaves as such, that will be a good thing.

But people have different interpretations. Right now, it’s more like dictatorship.

Q: So what is your interpretation of democracy?

Everyone says they do what they do for democracy. But what are they doing? Is it democracy?

They say they want reconciliation. But there’s no such thing. Everyone is still fighting.

Anonymous said...

"Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little
temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."
Benjamin Franklin, 1759

What Ben Franklin wrote is now being challenged by the Thais. The Thais did give up 'essential liberty' to purchase 'temporary safety' from the likes of Thaksin The Terrible.

Most Thais never heard of Ben Franklin. But every Thai has a very strong opinion (any which way) about Thaksin

Anonymous said...


I think it is necessary to take into consideration that most of the Thais you refer to, those who oppose the further democratic developements (and thus act as reactionaries) - are elite and middle class. to them actually it doesn't change much - I mean, their liberties are not as challenged as rights of their poorer countrymen.

and that's the whole point - these people want to keep their status quo, never mind some silly "western values" as liberties. :)

Thais were giving up liberties for a long time. now that peasants and labour who previously had no voice dare to rase their voice about their rights and liberties - elite and middle class (a minority) howl foul about it and do everything possible to suppress that voice.

however they don't realize that they can't place genie back to the bottle - that self-concious peasants and labour are not gonna keep silent anymore. so, sooner those guys realise it and adjust their tactics - the better for THEM ! otherwise they might find themselves in risky position (like "dictatorship by proletariat" was in Russia or "Cultural revolution" in China, or extermination of middle class and intellectual done by Pol Pot in neighbouring Cambodia not so long ago). and this danger is quite real - when huge masses of people are REALLY pissed off and see no other choise than armed struggle, and there is a lot of blood spilled.


it is interesting that Anand, who is credited for writing 1997 Constitution, is an Asian member of Trilateral Commision, among several other Thais. he is (or was) also in some big position in CP company.

Anonymous said...

To 'antipadhist' - I say amen to what you wrote.

But did you not recently mention over at BangkokPundit (while arguing w/ my other 'nom de guerre' Vichai) blogsite that the 'Thai poor' once they get to be middle-class and wealthier immediately start acquiring the reactionary anti-democratic afflictions of that social class?

So what is the use 'antipadhist'?

If you answer this question antipadh, I'll let you in on exactly what the Thai middle class wants.

maverick263 said...

@ matty b,

i like "Vichai's" comments. so i'd like to hear ur opinion on that bad bad "middle class".

i've read some recent posts (last 4 weeks) in international blog-land that portrait (thai) "middle class" as an obstacle.

in case, anyone forgot; here's a link back to 2007