Thursday, May 7, 2009

Pornpimol Pimping for Abhisit

The Nation:

Our prime minister - whose credentials, track record and integrity would make decent citizens of any country proud to have him as their leader - has been in constant battles politically and economically. He has taken an unrelenting beating from the get go, from all directions. But he has shown his mettle and grace under pressure. Friend or foe, one thing is clear to all - he is not one to be taken for a ride.


To a jaded person like me who has been around politicians of all stripes for almost all my adult life, this prime minister offers a breath of fresh air. He does not posture, does not brag, does not complain, does not do hyperbole, does not lie. If anybody cares to look, he has been trying his mightiest to restore the TRUST of the people in their government and their leader and the rule of law. Trustworthiness has nothing to do with repeating the mantra "trust me" for the nth time, but by showing an example of it - and people must have an open eye to see it.


The public never knew that during the Songkran riots, a group of red shirts stood in front of his house in Bangkok hurling lewd and vulgar obscenities at his wife and children, who they thought were in the house while the prime minister was in Pattaya. He did not complain about the incident to the public and did not try to make an issue of it to gain sympathy for his personal pain. We never heard him recount his deeds during his visit to his alma mater of Oxford and was confronted by Jai Ungpakorn. He never told the public what a superb job he did of explaining the logic behind the much-criticised lese majeste law in a matter-of-fact and honest manner that cut down his interrogator to size, and earned a hearty round of applause from an amazed and stunned audience. The best of minds - always critical to a fault - they would have jumped on him had they found a hole or a lapse in his logic. Time and again he has defended the blue colour of our flag without dragging the institution down to the level of dirty politics. He is not doing it for lip service or personal gain; he does it because he believes it to be the right and fair thing to do. He does not get angry when people erroneously claim that he "rode to office unelected". Let truth be told, this prime minister was elected under the same constitution to the same House that elected Samak Sundaravej and Somchai Wongsawat as prime ministers.


It is evident that the prime minister has been fighting with one hand tied behind his back, but it is not clear if he has the upper hand. One can be sarcastic by saying that it is only in Hollywood movies that the good wins over the bad. But that sarcasm leads us nowhere. The prime minister has given us his all and his best; he deserves our helping hand.

The Nation really is in full propaganda mode.

What exactly has Abhisit accomplished? Nothing he promised has materialized, except giving free bribes to the masses at the taxpayers expense, and that sure didn't win him any loyalty.


Unknown said...


It is truly stomach-churning to see Thais at their fawning, sycophantic best.

A superlative lesson in brown-nosing.


Anonymous said...

This should be a required reading in a Brownnosing 101 course.

I used to like Abhisit until I saw the episode with Ji Ungpakorn on Youtube. The way Abhisit snickeringly told Ji that they can have a debate in Thailand (with the expression saying "hee hee, gotcha, you'll get thrown to a dungeon and given no proper trial, but audience here will just think I'm for law & order"). This sort of malice towards a fellow academic is appalling for a venue like Oxford (much as it may have been acceptable at a political party meeting/rally).

He may be well educated, and may be a skilled operator, but I don't trust his intentions at all.

Unknown said...


I agree. Evidently the reasonable exterior we see in the media masks quite an unpleasant man according to insider reports. Instances of him challenging MP's and fronting and abusing them in public if they vote the wrong way or say the wrong things are beginning to emerge.

I think he is a privileged and educated man, but one who is deceitful. Based on what evidence I have seen he says one thing while doing quite another. Like you, I thought the allegedly 'triumphal' speech at Oxford was revealing of his snide attitude.

Some years ago I thought he seemed like an upright if inept man who could not win even an election after a coup. Now I don't even regard him as being upright, unfortunately he seems to me to be typical of the Thai pooyay though he lacks the overt facial expressions of arrogance that Suthep and many of the others cannot quite conceal, and the blundering and slobbering incompetence and stupidity that Chavalit and many of the others likewise cannot conceal.

But it is just lipstick on a pig. A monkey in an Armani suit is still just a monkey.


fall said...

Oh, just recall something...
What about those 99 days policy promised by the Dem before election? Had they been successfully implemented?

Anonymous said...

ajarn Likhit in Bkk Post today :

"In a nutshell, the country belongs to all the Thai people [read: to Elite] and no one [read: no any stupid peasants, but only their betters] can monopolise the right to take action, for good or ill, against the country. [read: against their masters]"

Anonymous said...

Check it out, shameless spin by Abhisit and Yoon :

Was Abhisit in this car?

PM rejects DAAD claims Songkran rioting planned by govt

"Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva yesterday dismissed allegations that the Songkran rioting had been planned by the government, insisting that he was in the car that was battered by anti-government protesters at the Interior Ministry. "

but I remember clearly that even Nation itself was writing that. here is one example :

"... Thai PBS reported... The station confirmed that both Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva and Deputy Prime Minister Suthep Thaugsuban were not in any car of the motorcade.

The station said Abhisit and Suthep left the Interior Ministry before the red-shirted protesters managed to block the entrance of the compound and ran inside and rioted.

I won't be surprised if this piece will be taken out from Nation !

(I remember on Apr 13th there was an article by Supalak Ganjanakhundee where it was said that after soldiers shot protesters at Din Daeng Jatuportn called all the TV channels with request to interview him - and all of them refused. later on this article couldn't be found anymore)

David Higgs said...

Swiss tourist found strangled on Krabi beach

Krabi - A female tourist from Switzerland was found strangled on a beach in this southern province Thursday.

Police said the tourist was found dead on Noppharat Beach in Tambon Aonang of Muang district.

She was found lying down with the strap of her handbag tied around her neck.

She was identified as Edis Jungen, 30.

Police said she checked into the Andaman Sunset Hotel on Tuesday and checked out on Wednesday.HAS ANYONE NOTICED THIS>>>NOW TOURISTS ARE BEING ELIMINATED FROM THE OTHER END

David Higgs said...

THREE tourists have died in three week in Krabi and Phi phi. Does anyone know if anything has been done. Reaction seems to be very quiet. Is this a 'Thai' think? if you don't face up to the problem, it will go away.

David Higgs said...
This is a link update on the dead woman. Please can anyone tell me if the authorities are giving out any information on this. My Daughter and her friends are due to go there in three weeks !

David Higgs said...

KRABI: Following the mysterious deaths on Phi Phi Island of three foreign tourists in just over a month, Krabi police and doctors are still unable to explain how the American and two Norwegians became fatally ill.

Contrary to an initial local blog entry speculating that cyanide poisoning may have been the cause of the deaths, Krabi police told a Gazette reporter who went to Phi Phi Island today that no evidence has been found to indicate poisoning in any of the three victims and that the initial blog report was false. That report was the result of a misunderstanding by the blogger, police said, adding that the blogger responsible had since returned to the police station to apologize for the mistake.

Since the deaths, Krabi Public Health officers have inspected the guesthouses and rooms previously occupied by the victims. According to police, the health officers could not find anything to indicate that any hazardous substances had contaminated the guesthouses’ air-conditioning units, water supply or food. Both guesthouses remain open for business.

In attempts to gather more clues as to the mystery deaths, a team of police officers yesterday inspected bars in the tourist area and took samples of the drinks on sale to be sent for laboratory tests, as two of the victims had reportedly visited a number of bars the night they fell ill. Police are still waiting for the test results.

One of the bar owners who spoke with the Gazette said that the deaths were a mystery to everyone and that nothing of this nature had ever happened before.

Norwegian tourist Erik Liuhagen, 48, died on April 1 at 8am after being admitted to hospital with severe diarrhea. He had been staying in room 119 at the beach-front guesthouse Phi Phi Villa. His body was sent to Bangkok the next day for an autopsy, the results of which have not yet been released, Krabi police told the Gazette.

Just over one month later, on May 3, 26-year-old American tourists Ryan Kells and Jill St. Onge both became ill and were admitted to Krabi Hospital. The pair had been vomiting for some time before going to the hospital. Ms St. Onge died later that day. Mr Kells survived the illness.

According to police, the pair were engaged to be married and had been staying at Laleena Guesthouse, which is about 1.5km from where Mr Liuhagen had stayed.

On May 4, Norwegian Julie Michelle Bergheim – who had also been staying at Laleena guesthouse in the room adjacent to Ryan Kells’ & Ms St. Onge’s room – died after becoming mysteriously ill with severe vomiting. She died in hospital while talking to police, a short while after being admitted.

Investigations continue.

– Khunakorn Terdkiatkhachorn

Anonymous said...


can you imagine - lovely handsome Abhisit can be ... angry ! oh, no .... Pornpimol must be brokenhearted.

well, Porntive certainly is :D

"The policy debate on the issue at the weekly Cabinet meeting suddenly tensed up after Porntiva openly blamed Abhisit for condoning a "double standard" if he allowed Deputy Prime Minister Korbsak Sabhavasu to take over her jurisdiction.

"What is my other standard?" Abhisit shot back in an angry retort.

This prompted Porntiva, who appeared emotional and close to crying, to keep silent and yield the floor to her fellow ministers to conclude the debate.

The Cabinet decided to assign Korbsak to oversee the corn stockpile, Abhisit said after the meeting.

Anonymous said...

this is photo on Nation.

it reminds me somehow of Kim's, Mao's and Stalin's giant portraits - "beloved chief / chairman"

I mean, if I was Abhisit I would be embarrassed to stay in front of such a giant portrait of myself. it is too ... narcisstic at very least ? if not too propagandistic.

Anonymous said...

Abhisit cult promotion continues :)

Abhisit vows to be role model 'honest husband'

Abhist top best-performance ministers list: survey

Most satisfied with Abhisit govt : survey