Wednesday, June 3, 2009

NGV buses

The Nation

Transport Minister Sophon Saram has revised the cost of the controversial NGV bus-leasing deal down from Bt69 billion to Bt64 billion as he awaits Cabinet approval today.


"Since last year, there have been questions about this project's pricing etc. We have to answer all of them, and if they can be answered, then things can move ahead," Abhisit said. He was in South Korea for a special Asean-South Korea meeting.

Meanwhile, Suthep said there was nothing unusual about the bus-leasing deal, which has been revised over the past two or three weeks after the Transport Ministry had been told by the Cabinet to do so.

I have crunched the numbers. It roughly comes out to $500K for each bus.

I have shopped around. Most buses I have seen are in the 350-400K range for one bus. US prices, not Chinese or Eastern European cheapie buses, but the ones used in US mass transit systems.

4000 buses would get anybody a discount.

What makes me angry to no end is that this bus contract could have gone to public bid with all of the BMTA terms and conditions and probably would have received a good deal in this current economic climate.

4000 buses is a huge order that many NGV bus companies would salivate over.

What is so typically shitty about the Thai media, notably the ever so shitty Nation, is that it doesn't even bother to crunch the numbers or do some shopping around to find out how other mass transit bus systems handled their purchase of NGVs.

The only good thing that is coming out from this NGV deal is that some in the media are finally awaking from their delusions that Abhisit is the reincarnation of the Buddha.


antipadshist said...

talking about Nation ...

this very moment on their TV channel they are having a discussion about this 4000 NGV buses matter. BJT guy was talking (I bet he can get an Oscar nomination for performance) something like: "we care about poor people and this deal is aimed to help them ..."

what a BS

Abhisit is surely in a hot water now - he was able to form the coalition gov. mostly coz BJT (aka Newin) has helped him - naturally not out of altruistic inclinations. of course other parties too. so, now it is a "pay time" for Abhisit and he is in a huge dilemma (or it seems so): to keep face and appearance of "clean politics" conducted by his oh so pure and uncorruptable party, or to bear the consiquences of not keeping the promises made to coalition partners.

but I think Abhisit and his buddies are not worried much about it - they know well enough that sooner or later they'll have to call for elections. the main thing what they concentrate on is - to achieve the 2010 budget and obtain those foreign loans. aka make sure that all their patrons (as CP) get a good piles of money ASAP, before sh1t (global ecomonic meltdown) hits the faab fully.

Abhisit, Korn and especially old chaps as Suthep and Chuan know very well that times of ec. crisis is the the best for .... making money !
they have enabled the elite to suck country's coffers dry in 90s (which has actually was the real reason of 97 crisis) - and they'll do it now again, because it is simply too convinient and therefore irresistable: to stuff their pockets to outmost and then blame it all on economic ciris, political unrest etc.

I am afraid this time around the result of Dems. and their patrons (like CP) actions will creat a much worse consiquences for the country than 97 crisis !

antipadshist said...

Tulsie on the matter

Judgement Day for 'Buses from Hell'

somehow though I get the feeling that Nation's reporters are too eager to show their critical skills when it comes to ... BJT, not Dems.

Leosia said...

Over the years in Thailand I've been consistently told by sub-contractors and project managers that in order to bid for any government project the standard kickback is in the region of 25%. This is set by the minister responsible for the project.

25% of 500k is 125k - which brings us back to the true cost of the buses. What a coincidence.

antipadshist said...


there is no doubt that it is corruption ridden. even senators as Rochana are furious about it. however Dems gov still trying to "catch the fish without getting wet" so to say ;)

now Korn is attempting to outsmart the critics :

Korn proposes lease-purchase scheme for NGV-bus fleet

of course the simplest way is to "follow the money" - to see who are the interested parties.

in the article it is mentioned that BMTA is a debtor, and Finanse Ministry a guarantor. also I guess appropriate to check - who is the supplier of the NGV gas. ;)

this of course is apart from those who will get the kickback - BJT and Dems as I recall ?

so, it is not wonder that Dems will try hard to push forward this whole project.

although there are opinions by critics that it would be better to use those money for expanding MRT lines.