Friday, July 10, 2009

King Power Airport Scams

2Bangkok has multiple links

Phuket Wan

Andrew Drummond

King Power has other evidence.

I am really confused about something. I thought you pay for your items, then receive goods at the departure gate or on the plane.

I have bought things at duty free, though I can't recall the last time I did at either Suvarnabhumi or Don Muang.

I was with somebody who bought stuff at the King Power department store in Bangkok, but I swear she had the item sent to the departure gate before the flight.

Just because somebody has a high position or status doesn't mean he or she isn't a shop lifter.

I am no fan of King Power, but I'd suspect people are ripping them off left and right at their stores, scam or no scam.

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Dean said...

The KingPower site video seems pretty damning...