Friday, July 10, 2009

PAD Suing Abhisit and Police for Charges of Terrorism

Bangkok Post

Leaders of the yellow shirt movement are vowing to take police and Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva to court for incriminating them on terrorism and criminal charges over their blockade of Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang airports last year.

Lawyer Suwat Apaipak yesterday said the accused would file criminal and malfeasance charges against the police and Mr Abhisit.

Police last week said they would charge 36 People's Alliance for Democracy leaders and key supporters for occupying the two airports from Nov 25 to Dec 2 last year in an attempt to overthrow the Somchai Wongsawat government.

The 36 PAD leaders and supporters, including Foreign Minister Kasit Piromya, will face terrorism charges.

They have been ordered to report to police next Thursday. Mr Kasit reported to the police on Monday and denied all charges.

Mr Suwat said the accused found the charges to be baseless because the siege of the two airports "caused no damage to aviation".

The rest of the accused PAD members will deny the charges when they report to police and then lay criminal charges against the police investigation team and Mr Abhisit, he said.

The prime minister was included because he allowed the police to proceed with the action. Mr Abhisit and the police will face criminal charges for malfeasance and false incrimination, the lawyer said.

Core PAD leader Chamlong Srimuang yesterday insisted he and his colleagues were not worried about the charges because they were the product of a false allegation.

"We believe the charges are exaggerated and disproportionate for actions of ordinary citizens like us," Maj Gen Chamlong said. "We're determined to take legal action against everyone involved in this move against us."

The PAD is a sick joke. And these people think Isaan folks are too stupid to vote.

The PAD really believes they are law unto themselves. Think they are the only ones who should vote, the only ones who can decide guilt or innocence of Thai people, and think they are totally immune from committing all sorts of criminal acts.

The evidence is crystal clear concerning their terrorism at the airports and the government house. Anybody can go on YouTube and see for themselves. The prosecutors just have to pull out the hours of video footage collected by the mass media to prove their case. The entire world was a witness to their crimes.


Unknown said...

Never-the-less, any clear blue water between PAD and the Democrats also signals clear blue water between PAD and the power machine in Thailand. It is to be welcomes on that basis.

This is win/win situation for Thais. If PAD wins, the Democrats and their masters are humbled. if PAD loses then their fall from grace is obvious and will be hugely resented. The elites will be opposed from 2 directions.

There is a possibility that a new platform of 'clean up the corruption in government' would be much more attractive and sustainable to ordinary Thais than the 'save the monarchy' platform in the event of the King's widely-anticipated passing.

Probably naive but who knows? Thai politics resemble Othello much more than 'The Prince'


Dudeist said...

Quite clearly the PAD and their supporters plus much of the elite have no clear idea about what democracy means and should be barred from voting?